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“I can’t express how important it is for children who are in the entertainment industry to be in an ongoing acting class. Not just any acting class but a class that is going to help develop, mold and give the appropriate skills necessary to book those commercials, television shows and feature films. My two favorite commercial coaches that have increased the number of bookings for my clients are Jan and Jon. Their workshops not only provide children with the tools necessary to book those jobs but do so in a creative and fun atmosphere.” MILTON PEREA, Agent at AEF Youth Department

“My kids had so much fun and learned so much they insisted on taking the class twice. Incidentally, Brittany has booked 17 national spots {That’s right, 17} and Ryan got a commercial a week after taking the workshop.”

“My twelve year old son just finished a commercial workshop with Jan Bina and Jon Smet at the Young Actors Space and it was a phenomenal experience for him. He came home each Sunday full of excitement and eager to share what he learned and wanting to practice the week’s lesson. Jon and Jan really built his confidence and even though there were students that had long resumes, it was never an issue for my son who is just beginning. They also took the time with the parents and really shared honestly what to expect at auditions, from agents and from our children. This class, these teachers are AMAZING and I can’t thank them enough for their patience, knowledge and offer to all of the parents to be only a phone call or email away for as long as needed.”
DINA CULLEN, parent.


“Jan and Jon’s day-long Commercial workshop is an effective tool in any actor’s arsenal. We like to send our actors to the workshops with the most up-to-date information. Jan and Jon’s class fits the bill.”

SEAN ROBINSON, Executive Vice President and Director of the LW1 agency


James Waggoner, Actor“I am still experiencing an endorphin rush from yesterday’s class. It was seven of the best and fastest moving hours that I have had the pleasure to indulge myself with in a long while. I spoke with most of your students during the day about what was making the magic happen and I think that we all pretty much agreed. Your instructional information was first rate, but your wonderfully nurturing style made everyone feel their best.”



Lisa Sundstedt, Actress“I learned more in one day than other classes I’ve taken lasting 6 weeks. Jan and Jon were so supportive. They made me feel totally comfortable in a relaxed, fun atmosphere. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at you can learn a lot from them. I might even take it again.“



Richard Harris, Actor“Thank you for creating and organizing a very informative commercial acting class. Not only was the on-camera practice beneficial but your positive and experienced feedback was extremely valuable to me. I'd recommend your class to anyone.“


Audition Tip:
At a callback don’t take the vibe in the room personally. More often than not it has nothing to do with you. Stay focused on the work.

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