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Sophie and Lilia loved your class. They learned so much and both feel confident and ready for the acting world. Whenever I arrived before class was over, I would hear all the kids laughing and just having a great time. What a pleasure. The kids were all loving the class and learning too! If only elementary school was like that! Sophie and Lilia were always excited to come to class and that showed me how important and valued they felt. I feel you really get kids and that makes you great teachers!
Julia Bergeron, Parent


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FAQ for Commercial Workshop for Children

What’s the next step after completing the commercial workshop?

While we believe your child will be prepared to go on any commercial audition after our 4-week commercial class, it is important to keep studying. After taking our commercial workshop, your child might enjoy our 4-week Advanced On-Camera Audition Workshop  which is all on-camera and focuses on Advanced Commercial copy as well as audition techniques for Film and TV roles. There are also wonderful classes for children that are offered at The Young Actors Space. Check out their website for details:

Is there homework?

No way. We stress that this isn’t school. We also stress that it’s okay to make mistakes and sometimes making a mistake is actually a breakthrough moment.

Do the parents sit in on the class?

No, it’s very important to us that the kids feel relaxed and have the confidence to try new approaches. In a class we aren’t always looking for a finished product but are exploring ways to get to there. Knowing that a group of adults will be standing in the back of the room watching playback, might make some kids self conscious, and afraid to take risks. Some parents feel uncomfortable having other parents watch their child. Other parents jump to conclusions about their child’s work which may not represent the whole picture. It’s our strong belief that every actor is a work in progress. The class is a time to experiment and we stress that it’s okay to try different things. We do critique the work but it’s done in a very supportive way. We strongly believe in positive reinforcement.

How will I know how my child is doing in your class?

You can call us anytime and we will be happy to give you feedback on your child’s progress.

Once the class is over can parents still call you for advice?

Yes, and we hope they do.

Can we audit the class?

There are classes that let you do that and if it’s important to you, then you should consider attending one of those classes. Some parents would be uncomfortable having other parents watching their child. The children themselves might feel self conscious.
During the 4 sessions, we want the students to feel comfortable and not like they are “performing” for one or two observers.

My child is a beginner.  Is this workshop right for my child?

Yes, whether you child is experienced or a beginner we take each child through every step of the audition process. Often we’ll discover that children who’ve have a lot of stage experience, need to work on adjusting their performance for the camera. We do spend a considerable amount of time teaching how to modify a performance for a close-up.

What if my child is unavailable for 1, or 2 sessions?

No problem. Any Sunday can be made up in any combination with no time limit on when the class is made up.

What if my child will miss the first class? Won’t they fall behind?

No, we make sure every child that is making up a class is brought up to speed. We also find that children making up a class tend to quickly blend into the group.

What if we have a class to make up? Won’t my child feel like the new kid on the block?

There are often a couple of children making up a class, so your child won’t be the only new kid in class. We go over the basics of auditioning every week. In addition to being convenient for parents, allowing make ups creates a slightly different dynamic every week. This reflects the reality of auditioning: it’s good to get accustomed to working with a wide range of other children.

What if we have to cancel at the last minute?

Your child will be allowed to make up the class as long as you call us before the session starts. There is no penalty for last minute cancellations.

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