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Audition Tip:
Make the audition the reward in and of itself.


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FAQ for Advanced On-Camera Audition Workshop for Children:

Audition Techniques for Film, TV and Advanced Commercial Copy

Is this workshop complete in 4 weeks?

Yes, the workshop is complete in 4 weeks. But your child might enjoy taking the workshop again to keep their audition skills sharp.  Since the material is constantly changing there is a lot to be gained from taking the workshop again.

How is the class set up?

Our goal is that every student works three times each Sunday. We will cover techniques applicable to every audition. We will also teach your child how to adapt their audition for a specific type of show. Typically, every class will begin with a short commercial piece. Rounds 2 and 3 will focus on Guest Starring roles and Co-Star/Featured parts.

Since auditions for TV or film projects are one-on-one with the casting director, the majority of the material in this class will be solo spots. Because most erercises are solo spots, the class is like an extended private lesson, with the added advantage of being able to observe and learn from the work of the other students in the class.

Why do you include commercials in an audition class for TV and film?

We only cover advanced commercial copy; the emphasis is on commercial material that is more like auditioning for a short film. Essentially you are employing the same techniques you’d use for a film or TV audition.

How can your class help increase my child’s callbacks and bookings?

Since the majority of exercises feature your child alone on camera, we’ll have the chance to study their work in depth. We can help them make specific, emotional choices that bring the script to life. Technically we can help them get their eyes off the page and also help them understand how much or how little they need to do to communicate effectively in the scene.

Does your class also cover how to audition for co-star and featured parts?

While it’s the goal of every actor to star in films or to be a regular on a TV series, a lot of auditions involve short scenes, or just a few lines. We’ll teach your child how to approach these auditions in a way that leads to getting the job.

If they have an audition, can they bring the material to class to work on?

Yes, please do.

What if my child has to miss a class? Can they make it up?

Yes, all we require is that you call us prior to the class.

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