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I'm writing this letter to say Thank You!!!  Over the years I have worked with many acting coaches & classes but the overall benefits that many actors have gained with your course is by far superior!!! Both my seasoned actors and those new in the business have graduated from your classes with confidence, knowledge & most importantly multiple bookings!!!!  I look forward to a continued & beneficial relationship between you, my clients & my agency.
Kendall Park, JLA Talent (Owner /Agent)


Please give us a call: 818-997-7792 or send us an email: You may also use our message form on the contact page.

FAQ for Adult Commercial Workshop

Why should I take a one-day class rather than a class that meets for multiple sessions?

It totally depends on your needs. Some actors don’t have time to commit to a class that meets for multiple sessions. Other actors may be looking for a “tune-up” or for an overview of commercial acting. Our goal is that, regardless of your level of experience, you’ll leave this class confident and excited about going out on commercial calls.

Our one-day class is VERY COMPLETE. We’ve had tremendous success with this class and have been offering it twice a month for the past 12 years.

For actors who want to continue studying with us, we offer a 4-week Advanced Audition Technique Workshop.  This workshop covers solo commercial auditions as well as audition techniques for film and TV.  We do, however, strongly suggest taking our one-day class prior to the Advanced Audition Workshop.  

Can I audit your one-day class?

No, because of the limited enrollment and because of the full schedule we can’t accommodate audits.

How is your one-day class set up?

The class begins with a brief introduction.  From then on, everyone is working on-camera. With 2 teachers using 2 studios, everyone gets a lot of on-camera time and individual attention. All the copy used in class is from projects we’ve recently had a hand in casting at the office. The goal of every exercise is to help the actor see their strengths and learn how to relax, focus and bring these strengths to their work. The class covers the on-camera interview, the silent bit, working in groups, one line of copy with on-the-spot emotional changes, improvising as it relates to commercials, and 2-person scenes. Typically we’ll record an exercise in both studios and then gather in the larger studio for video review. We give a detailed, yet supportive critique of each individual’s work.

Do you know what directors and producers are looking for?

Yes, they are looking for good acting. This means being truthful, making clear choices and putting your personality into the material. Many commercials are entertainment vehicles and the mention of the product is almost secondary. As a result, auditioning for many commercials is more like auditioning for a short film.

What happens if I sign up for the class, but I am unable to attend?

As long as you call us 24 hours before the class, we will roll you over to the next available class.

To Sign Up or Get More Information:
CALL 818-997-7792